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We all have a story behind our love.

Was it a chance encounter?
A blind date?
Friendship that turned into more? 

The you-ness can be found in the details. It’s in the way that you crinkle your nose when you laugh. The goodnight kiss right before you fall asleep. Filling up your partners car with gas when you borrow it. These details are everything in a relationship, because they remind us why we fell in love in the first place.

Your wedding will be a whole day of all the details that will represent who you are as a couple. We want to share our passion for all the small and big moments with you.

Aspen & Elm Wedding Co.   

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meet your wedding team

A big HELLO from Jackie and Aspen & Elm Team!

It all started with a duo or one can say a classic mashup of southern meets mid-west. Jackie born in Colorado and Chris from Florida, so it was only natural that we meet in the middle in Nashville. With both of us having a passion for photography and videography, it was a natural fit when we started working together 3 years ago. Jackie brings her love for details and numbers. Where Chris brings an infectious personality and always being a big dreamer. We are an equal balance to each other, constantly pushing and challenging one another. Currently Jackie is the raining rock, paper scissors champion.

To round out the team I was blessed with the addition of Carlos & Kayla. Kayla has an amazing spirit and always brings an extra creative eye. Then there is Carlos who rounds out our core team, he is beyond more talented then he'll ever admit and has the warmest heart.

Meet The Founding creative team

Jackie's perfectionism will be to your benefit. She fully supports her Type A personality (why…cause there is nothing wrong with dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s). It is in pouring over all the details leading up to and on your wedding day, that there is a purpose and action for everything she will do in service of you. You can safely bet she will be ready with a plan, a back-up plan and back-up to the back-up for every situation. We give you permission to hand the details over to us. 

Home for Jackie has always just been a place where she take my shoes off at night. She feels like sometimes she was born with a suitcase in my hand, being a child of second-generation Air Force family. It has expanded her big worldview and sparked a great sense of adventure. From being hatched in Colorado, spending a year in Japan connecting with her heritage, graduating high school in Alaska, she has crisscrossed the US and stopped almost everywhere in between (Still missing the New England Coast though).

Meet Jackie


Between shooting weddings and traveling, Chris is an avid music lover. Really. All types of music, whether it’s lo-fi hip hop on a rainy day while I’m editing, or upbeat party jams that keep the energy going and everything in between. Chris likes to bring that same openness to my photography as well, trying new ideas and techniques just to see what happens and that creativity has helped him find some amazing shots throughout the years.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment he knew he wanted to be a photographer, but it is easy to continuously fall back in love with it time and time again. From small beginnings as a music photographer who just enjoyed being able to get close and snap shots of my favorite artists, to lining up the perfect couple with a snowy Colorado backdrop. There is nothing like being able to see something that would make a great memory, and then make it.

Lead Video/Photo

Meet chris

Carlos has a love for life and aims to share this with everyone he comes across. He discovered his obsession for photo and film while creating promotional material for his other passion which is music. Long before he dived into photo and film making he worked in music production and audio engineering.

Creating feature film documentaries and short films is his current passion. The experiences not only give him discipling but keeps him sharp for those fast pace wedding days. In addition to be an expert videographer, he also excels shooting medium format film. On a lighter note, breakfast and coffee give him life.

Lead Videographer

Meet carlos

Kayla comes from a background in the music industry. Photographing portraits and live concerts for artists all over the country. Through her experience documenting music it allows her to be able to control lighting even in some of the darkest conditions! The face paced energy of concerts makes her a master at capturing the most candid moments throughout your day. 

Kayla is a Florida  native and promises to always fall in love with your animals.

Lead Photographer

Meet Kayla

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