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Guide to Giving the Perfect Wedding Speech

So it’s going to be your big day and you’re supposed to make a speech, right? We get it, there’s so much to say and emotions to express. You’re probably worried about what to say and how to say it. Don’t sweat it! We have compiled this guide to giving the perfect wedding speech to help you capture all the excitement of your big day. So, let’s delve right in!

Start Planning Now!

That’s right! Start planning now! It is true what they say that failing to plan, equals planning to fail, right? This is so true, particularly as it concerns your wedding, which obviously, is an important day in your life. So, once you’re certain you’d be mounting the podium to address well-wishers at your wedding, start putting together a few ideas about what to say.

Introduce Yourself

While giving a wedding speech, it’s important that you introduce yourself, unless, of course, you’re either the groom or the bride. You could start off by saying hello to every guest seated, to create a connection with the wedding guests who you’ve never met all your life. Then cut to the chase. Don’t forget to tell them how you got to know the couple. Also, keep in mind your audience, as you make your wedding speech a perfect one!

Tell Hilarious Jokes

It’s a wedding ceremony, not a funeral right? So, how about spicing up your speech with very hilarious jokes. Whether as the bride’s father sharing funny moments about the bride- his daughter- of her childhood, or as the best man sharing some really embarrassing, yet funny jokes about the groom, just use your speech as a comic relief from all the seriousness of a wedding ceremony. In all, rest assured everyone would be eager to hear all of it if it cracks them up.

Personalize your Speech

It’s okay to search the internet for a few ideas about giving the perfect wedding speech, however, it’s important you personalize your wedding speech. Endeavor to make it as honest as possible. It should be about the couple and it should feel real. Let your speech not be far-fetched, draw inspiration from ordinary events that binds you and your audience or the couple.

Keep it Simple and Short

Give your speech with every sense of simplicity and conciseness. Make it funny and interesting to listen to. It’s understandable that the excitement in the air might make you want to say so much in so little time, nevertheless make it simple and short! You wouldn’t want your audience getting restless, because your speech is becoming long and boring.

Be Confident

While giving a wedding speech, it’s essential to build a connection with your audience, by maintaining eye contact with them. Raise your head intermittently as you give your speech. It shows you’re confident!

Raise a Toast!

While it could get tricky, trying to end a wedding speech. How about saying “thank you,”and raise a toast to the new couple? That’s about the most ideal way to end a beautifully rendered wedding speech!







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